Clean Cloth Nappy Guidelines

*Key word descriptions* 

-"Dry Pail" is a basket which allows air flow 

-"Pre Wash" is a normal cycle, not a quick wash cycle, typically around 1 hour (depending on machine) this step removes the wees and poos from the nappy

-"Main Wash" is a the longest cycle on your main, typically named "heavily soiled" or something along that name, typically around 2 hours (depending on machine) this step cleans the actual fibres of the nappy

-"Dirty" a nicer way to say poo 

-"Bulking" (this is for large machines) when you add extra small items to machine to bulk the load so there is enough friction between nappies that they wash correctly, load should look like a soupy consistency  

Step 1 

Place wet nappies into dry pail. If dirty, plop what you can into the toilet then scrub remainder off with a silicone brush in a sink, hose off with a garden hose or use a toilet sprayer, then place in dry pail. If you use a liner with compost or flush the dirty liner as liner instructions direct. 


Step 2

Every 1-2 days place dry pail items into the washing machine for your pre-wash, with required washing powders/liquids 


*If you don't have enough nappies to main wash every 3-4 days then skip step 3* 


Step 3 

Place pre washed items into another dry pail Or hang to dry then place into a dry pail (you can place wet prewashed item in as long as you have enough airflow) 


Step 4 

Place prewashed dry pail items into machine again for your main wash, every 3-4 days, add washing powders/liquids 


Step 5 

Hang to dry (do not hang covers PUL side, sun up) 


*Please head over to the Clean Cloth Nappy Facebook GROUP! for washing powders and liquid check list and if you require a booster or borax depending on your water :)